Type: white wine
Vintage: 2017
ABV: 12.90%
Grapes: Cortese di Gavi
Producer: Broglia
Bottle size: 75cl
Tasting notes
ColourDeep light straw-yellow FragranceDelicate, very persistent, fruity and reminiscent of the aristocratic scent of the grapes from which is derived FlavourDry, agreeable, clean and harmonic

Gavi del Comune di Gavi DOCG Bruno Broglia

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‘Bruno Broglia’ represents the best production of La Meirana estate. Obtained from the grapes of older vineyards planted in the years between 1953 and 1955. On average, the harvest in different vintages, from these vineyards has been between 30 to 40 q.lis per hectare. Grapes are hand – picked and collected in wooden cassettes before being transferred directly to the presses to ensure that the clusters arrive intact. Due to, the abundant structure and acidity, of these grapes we are able to obtain a truly remarkable wine suitable for storing; maintaining its fragrance and freshness over years. The name ‘Bruno Broglia’ is in honour of the founder of the agricultural company, the wine is acknowledged as a reference point for white wine production, and every year it receives both National and International recognition. In addition, it was chosen as the only white wine to be served to the world’s greatest leaders, at the G20 gala dinner in St. Petersbourg on September 5th 2013. Bruno Broglia has the colour of soft yellow straw with subtle sparkling green reflections: fruity with a fine long lasting bouquet, and a true reminder of the aristocratic grapes from which it originates. A splendid acompliment for fish based dishes, in particular those containing seafood and also with fine dining cuisine.
Name of the wineBruno Broglia
DenominationGavi D.O.C.G. del Comune di Gavi
Production areaGavi municipal district
Types of grapes100% Cortese di Gavi
Exposure and altimetryMostly southward, 300-350 m a.s.l.
Type of soilCalcareous-marly
Production of 1 hectar3700 bottles per Ha
Method of cultivationGuyot
VinificationIn white
FermentationControlled in steel tanks
Maturing100% in steel tanks
Alcoholic content12.90% vol.
Total acidity5.40 g/l
Total extract24.20 g/l
Residual sugar1 g/l
Service temperature12°C – 54°F

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