Type: white wine
Vintage: 2018
ABV: 13.00%
Grapes: Pigato
Producer: Laura Aschero
Bottle size: 75cl
Tasting notes
A bright yellow wine from a Ligurian grape variety, this is fruity yet dry, intriguing yet approachable, full of peaches, acacia honey and broom flowers.


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Pigato is also a typical Ponente Ligure wine that received D.O.C. status on 31 March 1988. Of Middle Eastern origin, it made its way to Europe, where it reached its maximum expression in Liguria. There the variety found its natural habitat in the Province of Imperia and the plain of Albenga, of alluvial origin.
Straw colour

Full, intense and persistent, with a hint of yellow peach, acacia honey and broom flowers.

Full-bodied, flavourful and dry, but lastingly mellow, with a typical undertone of pleasing bitterness.

the wine-making process is traditional, stressing two fundamental steps:
• limiting the contact of must and marc to several hours to obtain the fragrances typical of the grape skins and a moderately deep colour;
• controlling must fermentation with the aid of a refrigerator to keep temperature at approximately 20°C, thus enhancing and preserving the variety’s typical features.
The wine so obtained has an alcohol content of about 12°.

Pigato is recommended as an aperitif or with savoury seafood and stew.

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