Vintage: 2011
ABV: 16.5%
Grapes: Trebbiano
Producer: Da Vinci
Bottle size: 50cl
Tasting notes
Full, sweet dessert wine from Italy, aromatic with dried fruit and nuts, the palate a honeyed concoction of figs, almonds and honey.

Vin Santo dell'Empolese DOC

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The bunches of grapes are picked by hand, placed in small containers, and left to dry on straw mats in well-ventilated, dry rooms until the February after the harvest. The dried grapes are squeezed and vinified in the traditional way.

The must is decanted into small oak barrels, known as “caratelli”, where it stays for four years, slowly fermenting, thanks to its high sugar content, and aging. The caratelli are kept in the “vinsantaia”, which undergoes extreme temperature changes between the summer and winter.

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