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Mari Deli & Dining

“Irresistibly Italian, quietly healthy”

Mari Deli & Dining offers a wide range of fine food, from cheeses to homemade pasta dishes, from organic vegetables to salami and prosciutto - not to mention some great Italian coffee and homemade ice cream! We are situated at the Hammersmith end of Chiswick Mall, one of the loveliest area in London.



Mari Delicatessen is an authentic high-end Italian restaurant that specialises in healthy and nutritional homemade recipes, bringing the taste of Italy to London.

Our Specialties

Authentically Italian

Although most of our food is produced on-site, we import the rest from selected old country farmers. Our fresh organic meats, cheeses and vegetables from the best farms in Italy.

Our artisan beef and pork are from small farmers in Italy, organically reared and not industrial, giving you a rich and healthier taste, meaning that you really get what you pay for.
We are Gluten-Free Vegetarian and Vegan friendly’

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