Amaretto Saliza

I Legni is part of the the Tosolini distilling empire founded by Bepe Tosolini in the aftermath of the 2 nd World War, The Cividina distillery is one of the most prestigious in Italy and is situated at the foot of the eastern Friulian hills where it is currently run by 3 rd generation distiller, Giovanni. In addition to their superb Grappas, the company also distill a range of sublime liqueurs including this Amaretto made from an artisinal recipe using crushed almonds rather than concentrates or extracts. The almonds are infused with alcohol for two weeks before being distilled in a special still used for botanical extraction. Once the distillation process is finished the final blend is made with the addition of sugar, caramel (for the dark colour) and a few drops of aged brandy for a richer aroma and flavour. The name comes from Salizà Pignatter where there is an arch into which is set a red heart-shaped stone. The legend has it that couples who come together underneath the arch will love forever.

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