Black Rice Venere

Medium-grain Italian rice, today mainly cultivated in Vercelli and Novara provinces. Venere has a small and fragrant grain, with a freshly baked bread flavouring, as a typical feature of Asian rices. You can smell the fragrance whiffing the raw grains and you can be more aware of the scent after the cooking. Venere rice belongs to Japonica group. Grain´s colour is ebony, while the spikes are grey. The dark pigmentation is given by the black pericarp (the grain wrapping). The external coating´s pigments belong to antioxidant class. Venere is a brown rice that is not subject to any total-processing. During the processing the grain loses just the husk, not the rest: in this way Venere is a richer rice, full of sustenance. Venere´s high fibre food.



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