Dry Gin

Gin is a distillate that has a strong connection with Dutch history, although few people know about its ancient roots found in Dutch Genever.
Launched in May 2017, By the Dutch Gin was born to bring the heritage of this distillate under the spotlight. It is batch distilled in Schiedam, home town of Genever, and features 8 botanicals of the tradition. Perhaps a bit nostalgic of its ancestor’s smooth notes, our Gin retains a touch of malt that makes it very special in its kind.
– How it’s made:
Our distilled Gin is made at Herman Jansen Distillery in Schiedam, the city where Gin originated. The traditional Dutch spices & botanicals are distilled separately in a pot still. The distillated are then blended and brought to 42,5% alcohol by volume; a percentage chosen by our master distiller for the perfect balance or aroma and mouthfeel. A unique gin, blending the tradition of Schiedam genever with the best botanicals and spices.

– Distilling/production process:
1. Botanicals are individually steeped (infused) in neutral grain alcohol for a proprietary time period.

2. Once the flavor has properly bonded, the 8 components are then re-distilled separately in a Pot Still, to highlight the characteristics of the botanical infusion.

3. The Master Distiller will check the quality of the 8 different distillates before blending them together as one compound.

4. Water, neutral grain alcohol and the botanicals are blended together by the Master Distiller, according to our secret recipe and brought back to 42,5% alcohol by volume.

5. The Gin is filtered (± 5 micron), bottled and labeled.

6. Approx. 2,5 meters of Jute rope is then wrapped around the neck of the bottle.

7. Vintage neck-hangers are stamped by hand with cocktail-recipes and attached to the neck of the bottle with approx. 35 cm of Jute rope

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