Glentauchers 2018 Ed.

A spirit dressed as a Geisha in a sumptuous, intricately embroidered outfit, theatrically Baroque in nature. Let’s re-assess this term, this style, without being afraid of having to understand the myriad different facets, some superfluous, of something, be it a painting, a church or a person…
Arm-in-arm, let’s find the courage to be patient and not to demand that everything be instantly crystal-clear. Let’s become attuned to our own footsteps again!!! So, walking alone through the silent alleyways of mysterious Venice, we’ll find we are no longer alone, but with the love of our life. Let’s try to devote time to the little things, like smelling a 21-year-old spirit such as this, which we’ll discover to be rich in all sorts of aromas.

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