Guanciale Il Carrobbio (100g)

Dense and veined with lean meat, Il Carrobbio – Guanciale Stagionato cured pork cheek is a unique specialty made from the most tender part of the pig, where the best fat is found. An extended maturation period and coating in black pepper infuse this product with its special flavour: mild but distinct, with a refined peppery aftertaste, it is ideal for adding to special dishes to enhance them with its delicate flavour, for enriching hot food or simply enjoying as an hors d’oeuvre, served as it is with warm bread or with piadine or tigelle flatbreads.PAIRINGS: Il Carrobbio – Guanciale Stagionato can be enjoyed as it is, cut thinly on slices of warm bread. Its true vocation, however, is to enhance pasta sauces, particularly amatriciana and carbonara. If you enjoy strong flavours, remove the rind, but do not discard the layer of pepper. If you prefer a more subtle flavour, we recommend you remove the surface layer of pepper.


Italian pork cheek, sea salt, black pepper(1.5%), preservative: potassium nitrate.


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