Pancetta Tesa (100g)

Up until 1800, pancetta was considered one of man’s main sources of nutritional energy. Historical testimonies on the high nutritional value of pancetta go back as far as the ancient Lombards, when construction workers would be given approx. 5 kg of pancetta at the beginning of the work season. During the Roman Empire, legionnaires could also expect a ration of pancetta or lard every three days. Our organic PANCETTA TESA BIO is made with pork from Italian pigs weighing over 160kg. The pork is left in a salt and spice mix for 15 days before being hung up to mature for at least 60 days.Cut pancetta is bright red in colour, marbled with white-to-pink coloured fat.

RECOMMENDED PAIRINGS: It goes well with young red wines, lively or sparkling, such as Oltrepò Pavese Bonaria.


Pork bacon, salt, spices


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