Parmigiano Regg Vacche Rosse 24M (100g)

The Reggiana Breed, with its characteristic reddish coat, was the most widespread bovine breed in the Parmigiano Reggiano typical area for centuries. Therefore, original Parmigiano Reggiano was produced with the milk of this great beast.

The great quality of the milk from the Reggiana is provided by its genetic heritage; compared to other breeds, there is a greater presence of the B variant of the K and Beta caseins, i.e. the smallest and most numerous micelles of all the different types of milk casein. This allows for better dairy attitudes, propensity to long cheese seasoning and consequent improved digestibility of its protein and lipidic components.The stable fields of the area are also a unique food source which provides unparalleled organoleptic properties to the cheese it produces. The Reggiana Breed was abandoned with the advent of modernity, in favour of foreign cattle which is able to provide a higher daily production, posing a serious extinction risk to this breed.In recent times, the care for product quality, the respect and recovery of the territory, put this wonderful animal and all the products of its noble supply chain back under the spotlight.


Milk,salt, and rennet


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