Piave ORO (100g)

Piave DOP Oro cheese comes from the Province of Belluno, a mountain area that surrounds the Dolomites UNESCO National Park. Here the pastures, rich in alpine flowers, give the milk its rich flavor and peculiar organoleptic properties. Still produced according to the traditional rules of the dairyman´sart, it is proposed in three classic ageing. Piave cheese reaches its full potential after being aged for at least one year, when the structure becomes crumbly and the taste is full-bodied and absolutely unique. Its peculiarity is that is remains mild, never sharp and maintains a very intense, fruity flavor, characteristic of longer ageing, with a lingering taste. In order to prevent counterfeiting and to protect the consumers, the name “Piave” is imprinted vertically, written in alternating directions, all over the entire rind. This attests the origin of the product. In addition, a special label is placed on the other flat side of the wheel, indicating the product name,type and name of producer.


Cow´s milk, salt, rennet. Preservative: lysozyme (protein from egg). Inedible rind.


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