Prosciutto Parma 26-28months (100g)

The Prosciutto di Parma DOP or Parma Ham dates back to ancient times whose qualities render it a unique in its genre. The only ingredients used are the pig’s leg and salt whilst curing lasts at least 12 months and takes place in a very restricted area within the Parma province.Its distinctive sweet and balanced taste is achieved thanks to the producer’s craftsmanship who cures the meat in a strict procedure, and to the sea winds that as they reach the mountain valleys they lose their saltiness and acquire a rich fragrancof chestnut groves.In our shop you can find prosciutto cured for least 24 months, and among them the outstanding products of Prosciuttificio S.Ilario that are cured a minimum of 30 months.


Pork leg and Salt


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