Salame Felino IGP (100g)

Named from the town in the hills above Parma where it has been produced for over two hundred years, Felino has a mild and delicate flavour that’s enhanced by slow and careful curing. Made from fresh, coarsely-minced Italian pork, it’s mixed with salt, black peppercorns, and fresh garlic soaked in white wine.The natural casing is hand-sewn to produce the characteristic irregular shape. Perfect as a starter or an afternoon snack, Felino has a distinctively delicate flavour that’s sweet and fragrant at the same time. One final curiosity: tradition has it that Salame Felino should be sliced obliquely – at an angle of 60 degrees, not 90 – to highlight the grain; and every slice should be the exact thickness of a black peppercorn.


Pork Meat, Salt, Spices, Preservatives: E252, E250


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