Spaghetti Organic

The pasta of the Azienda Agricola Petrilli is the product of a careful organic wheat cultivation by the Petrilli family. One of the varieties of wheat used is called Saragolla, which provides a high quality protein and a hearty and strong gluten. The second type of wheat is called Hathor and is the result of natural selection of the wheat variety Senatore Cappelli.
The processing of wheat into flour is a slow and careful process. The yield is very low and therefore the quality and maintenance of the best nutrients is very high. The coarsely ground flour and the pure spring water are the only ingredients of the artisan pasta which is pressed through bronze nozzles. After the pressing, the pasta is allowed to dry slowly at low temperatures.
The organic Pasta Petrilli is a pasta for the true connoisseur. It is healthy and is prepared with passion and true skill. Since the pasta remains al dente, it fits to all kinds of sauces.
Cooking Time: 8 min