Type: red wine
Vintage: 2013
ABV: 14.50%
Grapes: Sangiovese
Producer: Isole e Olena
Bottle size: 150cl
Tasting notes
This wine was first produced by Paolo De Marchi in 2006 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his father buying the estates of Isole and Olena. Paolo releases this wine only in the outstanding vintages when frits can give a wine that combines the “elegance and drinkability of Chianti Classico with the structure of a Super Tuscan”.

Chianti Classico Gran Selezione

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The name ‘Isole e Olena’ came about in the 1950s when two adjoining estates, ‘Isole’ and ‘Olena’, were purchased by the De Marchi family and combined to form one. The history of both estates dates back many hundreds of years, and the earliest documentation of the village of Olena goes as far back as the 12th century. During the 1950s, the De Marchi family planted specialised vineyards and expanded the cellars. Today, the estate is run by Paolo De Marchi and his wife Marta. Paolo comes from a family with three generations of winemaking experience in the northern part of Piemonte and his older son, Luca, now runs the family estate there, Proprietà Sperino.

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