Vintage: 2012
ABV: 18.0%
Grapes: Grillo 60%, Catarratto 30%, Inzolia 10%
Producer: Curatolo Arini
Bottle size: 75cl
Tasting notes
A quality Marsala wine made in the traditional way. This Marsala is dry (secco) in style, with 28g/l residual sugar and has all the characteristics of a quality traditional Marsala with notes of bitter almonds, sultanas and vanilla. On the palate, it is smooth and elegant and rich in body with intense flavours of dried fruit and nuts and a long, dry finish.

Marsala Secco Riserva 2012 DOC Sicilia

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Established in 1875 by Vito Curatolo Arini, the winery is now run by the fifth generation of Curatolos, making it the oldest family-owned Marsala producing business. Their stunning label was designed by Ernesto Basile, a famous architect in Palermo in the latter part of the 19th century and is very much in the art deco style. The new range of wines under the Curatolo Arini label showcases a great expression of native Sicilian varieties.

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Grapes for this wine come from the coastal area of Marsala. The special microclimate created by the cooling maritime breezes allows grapes to reach full ripeness with high levels of sugar but with balancing acidity that gives these wines their typical elegance and richness.
Grapes were hand picked at the end of September. Grapes were destemmed and then fermented in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks at 20-25°C for seven days with frequent delestage. At the end of the fermentation the wine was left in contact with the skins for another seven days to extract tannins which are key for the ageing process. After seven days the wine is racked and alcohol, mistella (fresh grape must with added alcohol) and mosto cotto (concentrated fresh grape must which is traditionally “cooked” until it reduces to a third of its initial volume) are added to the base wine, giving it a final alcohol content of 18%, the desired sugar level and the traditional flavour. The wine is then aged for over five years (minimum two years by law) in Slavonian oak casks – a mix of French and American barrique and tonneaux.


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