Brandy 23Yrs 1994

This brandy derives from a blend of two different distillates of wine from the 1991 harvest in the Romagna region. One from the plains and one from the hills. The idea of Brandy Millesimato 1991 was to bottle a product which reflects the characteristics of this vintage year. The wines were put through a fractional distillation, using a Charentais alembic still. The resulting brandies were then aged in 350 litre French oak barrels (Limousin and Allier). The first year of aging was in new barrels, which give the distillate its colour and tannins. After one year the brandy was transferred to used barrels that function almost exclusively for the oxidation process of tannins and alcohol. During this aging process, the alcohol content is slowly reduced through the addition of distilled water.

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