Distillato di Pere Williams

The distillato di pere Williams Capovilla is one of the best known and widely appreciated spirit, having its roots in a famous artisan culture. Using local fruits, Williams pears from Bolzano, Gianni Capovilla has always been concerned with the use of precious and delicious raw materials from his own Bel Paese: a noble wealth that only nature can offer. The devotion of his work emerges from the spirit’s design bottle itself…having been polished and sealed by hand, it reminds an atmosphere that smells of home. Provided with a handwritten label, proud of its story, the bottle talks about itself: in fact, the type of fruit that shapes its soul, the year of the harvest that gives its features and the bottle’s number that emphasizes its uniqueness are specified. The peculiarity of the distillato di pere Williams Capovilla consists in its complexity: powerful and elegant, it remains unforgettable on the palate with a strong finish, an alcoholic accent that crown the delicious flavor of ripe and fresh pears. The Capovilla artisan skill and care make that spirit a great artwork.

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