Type: White
Vintage: NV
ABV: 11.0%
Grapes: Glera
Producer: Botter
Bottle size: 75cl
Tasting notes
Crisp, refreshing extra-dry Prosecco, lightly perfumed with peach and green apple, balanced by a delicate bouquet of lilac.

Prosecco Quadri Extra Dry

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Vines grow in a typically continental climate, with some additional exposure to cooler temperatures due to mountainous conditions. Wet winters and hot, sultry summers moderate by ocean breezes retain freshness and acidity in the fruit.

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Vinification: Once pressed, must is stored in steel tanks for fermentation at 18 °C over the course of 8-10 days. After this, the juice is filtered and returned to steel tanks for the second fermentation, carried out using the Charmat method at a controlled temperature of 14-15 °C.


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