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Grapes: Trebbiano, Malvasia, Sangiovese
Producer: Fattoria Dei Barbi
Bottle size: 37.5cl
Tasting notes
Rounded yet delicate dessert wine from Tuscany, made to drench the sweet, nutty, dunkable biscuits called cantucci, this is filled with raisins and nuts and wonderfully aromatic.

Vin Santo Barbi 37.5cl

The Tuscan Vin Santo represent the sense of hospitality and friendship that were given to the visitors passing through this region. Fattoria dei Barbi has always shared this attitude, producing Vin Santo since 1870. Our collection is one of the most complete in Tuscany and probably among the largest of the world. We keep alive the tradition of this special rare wine. The yearly production is small as the making of it is complex and expensive, considering the very low yield of the grapes.



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