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Loose leaf teas

Soft drinks

Coke Contour Bottle
£2.20 inc. Vat
Coca Cola Contour Bottles is the world's favourite soft drink
Diet Coke contour bottle
£1.93 inc. Vat
Coca Cola is the world's favourite soft drink
Tea Bianco
£2.32 inc. Vat
Prepared using an infusion of the best White Downey tea...
£1.13 inc. Vat
Original Lemonade masterfully made with Lemon Juice,made with real lemons,...
Slimline Tonic
£1.13 inc. Vat
Sparkling low calorie soft drink with quinine,sweetener .Low calorie. Masterfully...

fresh juices

smoothies & milkshakes


Baladin Birra Nazionale (330ml)
£4.82£25.13 inc. Vat
Italian Ale Made with 100% Italian ingredients, water, barley malt,...
Amacord Gradisca (330ml) ᅠ
£4.21 inc. Vat
Pale Italian Lager with 100% barley malt Golden in colour,...
Amarcord La Midona (500ml)
£8.16 inc. Vat
Italian Golden Ale, dry-hopping with cascade hops Old gold in...
Baladin Isaac (330ml)
£4.56 inc. Vat
Italian White Ale Scent of yeast and citrus, which blend...
Amarcord La Volpina (500ml)
£8.23 inc. Vat
Italian Red Ale with a special blend of hopes and...
Baladin Open Rock & Roll (330ml)
£5.00 inc. Vat
Italian Blonde Ale Water, barley malt, mainly American hops, yeast...
Baladin Birra Nazionale Gluten Free (330ml)
£5.18 inc. Vat
Italian Ale Made with 100% Italian ingredients, water, barley malt,...
Campari Soda (98ml)
£2.51 inc. Vat
Moderate alcohol content aperitif obtained through the optimal mixture of...
Birra 32 Oppale (750ml)
£14.16 inc. Vat
Pale ale, white, compact, fine and persistent foam; light colour...


Po Moscato di Poli Grappa, Jacopo Poli (75 ml)
£10.80 inc. Vat
PO� DI POLI clearly indicates its own taste in order...
Poli Barrique2000, Jacopo Poli (75 ml)
£22.80 inc. Vat
Grappa aged in barriques in the Distilleryメs underground cellars,artisanal, in...
Grappa Tignanello (75 ml)
£18.00 inc. Vat
he Grappa di Tignanello dei Marchesi Antinori is made from...
Gin Victoria Regia (75 ml)
An organic Brazilian gin produced at a sustainable distillery powered...


Prosecco Doc Brut 11% ABV
£24.00 inc. Vat
Rich, fruity champagne with notes of vanilla and peaches. Elegant...
Marchese Antinori Franciacorta Cuvee Royale
£40.80 inc. Vat
The wine is golden yellow color with a plenty of...
Drappier Carte d’Or Brut Champagne Half Bottle 37.5cl 12% ABV
£31.20 inc. Vat
The Drappier Carte d'Or expresses all the aromas of the...

White Wine

Vigna del Monaco Falanghina, Ocone 13% ABV
£20.40 inc. Vat
Coming from one tiny vineyard, this concentrated Falanghina offers luscious...
Pecorino Colline Pescaresi, La Valentina 13% ABV
£21.60 inc. Vat
A pure yet lively aroma, with mineral and lime leaf...
Pinot Grigio Mongris Collio, Marco Felluga 14% ABV
£26.40 inc. Vat
An intense bouquet of acacia flowers, broom and apple, followed...
Sauvignon Blanc Collio, Marco Felluga 14% ABV
£39.60 inc. Vat
Collio gives one of the most distinctive styles of Sauvignon:...
Vermentino di Bolgheri, Guado Al Tasso 12.7% ABV
£28.20 inc. Vat
This shows the combination of crispness & breadth that marks...
Conte della Vipera Umbria, M. Antinori 12.5% ABV
£36.00 inc. Vat
Antinori s take on the classic white bordeaux blend, showing...
Chardonnay delle Langhe, Batasiolo 13.5% ABV
£42.00 inc. Vat
Chardonnay aged in french barriques, balanced, wide-ranging and dry.Because of...
Cervaro della Sala, Marchesi Antinori 12.5% ABV
£88.20 inc. Vat
Intense, complex aroma with notes of white flowers and flint...

Rose Wine

Scalabrone Bolgheri Rosato M. Antinori 12.5% ABV
£27.00 inc. Vat
A distinguished rose with a fresh, fruity nose dominated by...

Red Wine

Le Focaie, Rocca di Montemassi 13.5% ABV
£21.60 inc. Vat
The wine offers fruity aromas with notes of violets and...
Chianti Classico, Castello d’Albola
£25.20 inc. Vat
Ruby red with violet reflections, intense fruity notes of cherry...
Sasseo, Primitivo Salento, Masseria Altemura 14,5% ABV
£28.80 inc. Vat
 A supple wine , the ripe red fruit and spice...
La Braccesca Antinori, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano 13.5% ABV
£30.60 inc. Vat
Deep ruby red color with violet undertones. Intense and full...
Il Bruciato,Tenute Guado al Tasso, M.Antinori 13.5% ABV
£36.00 inc. Vat
Fragrant fruity aromas, particularly plum, followed by delicate mint and...
Barbaresco, Alfredo Prunotto 13.5% ABV
£46.80 inc. Vat
A deep, complex nose with hints of liquorice, roses and...
Brunello di Montalcino, Tenuta di Sesta 14,5% ABV
£50.40 inc. Vat
Tuscan type of Sangiovese called Brunello. Some also call it Prugnolo Gentile. It’s...
Badia a Passignano Chianti Classico Marchesi Antinori 14 % ABV
£56.40 inc. Vat
The nose offers a wide range of fruity aromas as...
Barolo, Alfredo Prunotto 14% ABV
£57.60 inc. Vat
Complex nose with notes of rose, strawberry and forest fruits....
Amarone Costasera Classico, Masi 15% ABV
£58.80 inc. Vat
Flagship blend from Masi, the great Amarone pioneers. Plums and...
Guado al Tasso, Bolgheri doc, Marchesi Antinori 14,5% ABV
£180.00 inc. Vat
Powerful yet displaying great lightness of touch, this wine has...
Tignanello, Marchesi Antinori 14% ABV
£147.60 inc. Vat
An intense yet elegant wine with ripe red fruit ,vanilla,...
Solaia,Marchesi Antinori 14% ABV
£456.00 inc. Vat
Complex fruit aromas with spices ,black pepper ,chocolate,coffee and vanilla.Generous,vibrant,palate...