Pain au chocolat
Our delicious and traditional pain au chocolat, is made from...
Multigrain croissant
Our bestseller- healthy and delicious multigrain croissant . We strongly...
Almond croissant
Croissant with an almond filling and topped with flaked almonds,...
Croissant with jam filling
Stuffed croissant with homemade organic jam
Croissant with butter and jam
Stuffed croissant with homemade organic jam and italian butter
Croissant with butter, jam and fresh fruit
Stuffed croissant with homemade organic jam, italian butter and organic...
Croissant with ham and cheese
Stuffed croissant with italian cheese varieties and ham
Toasted bread with butter and jam
Toasted sourdough bread with homemade organic jam
Toasted bread with butter, jam and fresh fruit
Toasted sourdough bread with homemade organic jam and organic fresh...
Vegan Croissant
These vegan croissants are made with charcoal and have no...
Croissant with nutella filling
These rich Nutella croissants are delicious sweet treats that are...
Croissant with cream filling
The classic crescent-shaped pastry is made from flaky layers of...
Poached organic egg on toast with organic baby spinach, organic...
Bresaola, organic avocado, poached organic egg whites, organic tomatoes and...
Soya yoghurt, granola, nuts, honey and organic fresh fruits
Oat crackers, organic avocado, organic fresh tomatoes, organic parsley and...
Burrata, scrambled organic egg, organic tomatoes,organic rocket, parma ham and...
Poached egg on toast, organic baby spinach, sausage, organic tomatoes...


Buffalo mozzarella, organic cherry tomatoes, oregano , organic rocket and...
Parma ham, buffalo mozzarella, organic cherry tomatoes and rocket
Gorgonzola, spicy salami, organic grilled courgettes, organic baby spinach and...
Bresaola, organic rocket, parmesan shaving and fresh lemon
Organic Rocket, sun-dried tomatoes, olives and organic grilled vegetable
Nduja, burrata, organic baby spinach and sun-dried tomatoes
Italian sausages, wild spinach and scamorza/mozzarella


Sice of pizza with fresh tomato sauce
Slice of pizza with fresh tomato sauce, anchovies, oregano and...
Slice of pizza with fresh tomato sauce and melted mozzarella
Slice of pizza with mixed vegetables and olives
Slice of pizza with fresh tomato sauce, organic vegetables and...
Calzone Vegetarian
Vegetarian calzone with ricotta and vegetables
Calzone with ham
Calzone with ricotta cheese and salami
Parigina Classica
Slice of stuffed pizza with tomato and mozzarella
Parigina with scarole
Slice of stuffed pizza with scarole, pine nuts and olives
Slice of classic focaccia
Pizza Bufalina
Slice of pizza: fresh tomato sauce & melted Buffalo Mozzarella


Pane misto
Selection of bread
Olives, taralli and capers
Bruschetta classica
Toasted bread with tomatoes and olive oil
Antipaso della casa
Mixed vegetables of the day
Tagliere di salumi
Selection of Italian salamis
Misto formaggi
Selection of Italian cheeses
Gran piatto
Selection of Italian salamis, Italian cheeses and vegetables antipasti (x2)


Vegan Gnocchi
Gnocchi with tomato sauce and basil
Gnocchi Sorrento
Gnocchi with tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil
Lasagna bolognese
Classic lasagna bolognese with a twist - cream of buffalo...
Lasagna con carciofi
Lasagna with artichokes, gluten free and lactose free
Vegan Parmigiana
Oven-baked organic aubergines layered with tomato sauce and vegan mozzarella...
Salsiccia con friarielli
£10.00 inc. VAT
Italian sausages with wild spinach
Carpaccio Mari
Carpaccio of cured raw beef finely sliced, rocket, parmesan and...
Zuppa della casa
Soup of the day with organic vegetables and served with...
Speciale del giorno
Please ask if we have a special of the day
Polipetti alla Luciana
£12.10 inc. VAT
Baby octopus, tomato sauce, black olives, cappers


Organic rocket, organic baby spinach and capers
Mamma Maria
Organic mixed leaves, organic vegetables , olives, organic sun-dried tomatoes...
Miss Maria
Burrata, organic baby spinach, organic sweet peppers and speck (smoked...
Mr Mario
Buffalo mozzarella, organic rocket, organic cherry tomatoes and organic avocado
Organic rocket, parmesan shavings, organic lemon,olives and capers
Organic mixed leaves, organic cherry tomatoes, organic grilled vegetables, olives...
Organic baby spinach, boiled egg, olives, capers, anchovies, organic onion...
Organic rocket, smoked speck,organic onion, walnuts, gorgonzola cheese and organic...


Sfogliatelle mignon
A delicious Italian shell-shaped pastry , with a rich ricotta...
Sfogliatelle grandi
A delicious Italian shell-shaped pastry , with a rich ricotta...
A delicious rich hazelnut and cocoa tart
Ricotta and pear cake
Two layers of hazelnut biscuit filled with a delicious and...
Ricotta and chocolate cake
The silkiness of the ricotta makes this cake moist and...
Delicious cake layers brushed with espresso and filled with irresistibly...
Vegan Tirmiasu
Thisᅠis a veganᅠversion of the classic Italian dessert.
Chcolate tortino
A soft shell in which to sink the teaspoon to...
Cannoli siciliana
Pastry tubes with a creamy filling of goats milk ricotta
Cannoli mignon
Pastry tubes with a creamy filling of goats milk ricotta
Cakes of the day
Please ask for the cakes of the day

Ice cream